Encore Chorley

Project Overview

Encore Chorley approached us to help them move forward with their website and social media management requirements. They were unhappy with their current providers, who were charging extortionate rates without providing a full service regarding SEO and proper website structuring. They also wanted to achieve an effective email strategy to both save costs and manage correctly to their satisfaction.

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The Brief

To increase reach and engagement across all platforms, which included their website, Facebook, Instagram, and Email Marketing campaigns.

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Our Approach

Firstly we requested access to their primary social media accounts so that we could better manage their visibility online. As soon as this first step was permitted, we set to work to create meaningful content and scheduling for their Facebook page and Instagram accounts.

Originally, Encore Chorley were managing all of their email campaigns via Aweber, however, this was simply not cost effective for the number of contacts on their list. We, therefore, successfully transferred all the contacts across to eMailOctopus and set about correctly integrating their email accounts into the new platform.

The Results

With strategic and dynamic social media management, Encore Chorley has witnessed a remarkable surge in engagement and visibility across all platforms. By implementing targeted content strategies, interactive campaigns, and timely responses to customer inquiries, Encore Chorley has seen a significant increase in followers, likes, shares, and comments. Moreover, their social media presence has translated into tangible results, with a notable uptick in website traffic, online reservations, and foot traffic to the restaurant. Through consistent and engaging interactions with their audience, Encore Chorley has successfully strengthened brand loyalty, fostered meaningful connections, and established itself as a prominent culinary destination in the Chorley community and beyond.


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